The Kimberley, home to the Horizontal Waterfalls – The Eighth Wonder of the World!

Aerial View of Horizontal Waterfalls

Aerial View of Horizontal Waterfalls

The Horizontal Waterfalls or “Horriez” as they are locally known, are located deep in Talbot Bay, nestled amongst hundreds of islands that make up the Buccaneer Archipelago.

This natural phenomena is quite possibly one of the most famous attractions on the Kimberley coast.

“…but how can a waterfall be horizontal?”
I hear you ask with a look of confusion and wonder….

Well the science behind it is that the McLarty Ranges where the falls are found, comprises of 2 ridges running parallel, 300 metres apart.

The first opening is approximately 20 metres wide and the second, 10 metres. Given these narrow gaps compared to the massive tidal movements found in the region (up to 10 metres) the water cannot get through the space quick enough.

This can create up to a 4 metre ‘horizontal waterfall’ effect as the water is pushed up against the side of the narrow cliffs.

Horizontal Waterfalls

Horizontal Waterfalls

To witness the thrill of this natural phenomena, take a scenic flight from Broome or Derby. Alternatively, there is nothing quite like hopping into a boat to feel the adrenalin rush of speeding through the falls. Experience the power of the whirlpools of the pristine, turquoise waters as you traverse the gaps then exit to marvel at the vivid red landscape as it opens up before you. A sight that David Attenborough has been known to describe as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world”.

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