Well, the season is drawing to a close and the crew are looking southward to escape the heat after a jam-packed, fun-filled year in the Kimberley.

Why not start your new year with an Ultimate 14 day Adventure and experience this magnificent coastline in all its glory: cascading waterfalls, adrenalin-pumping fishing and then relaxing on the bow with a cool drink as the sun fades turning the Kimberley skies into a kaleidoscope of breath taking colour – just perfect!!

To all our passengers past and present, don’t be shy, please send through your happy snaps for the Gallery – you can then send an e-postcard to all your friends and tell them all about your memorable cruise experience.

The Kimberley is undoubtedly an unique region which we strive to protect. WA and the NT are currently fighting the invasion of the greatest threat to our eco-system, the Cane Toad (Bufo Marinus). As an introduced animal, the Cane Toad has few known predators and is wiping out reptiles, rodents and marine life wherever it goes. With toxic glands and poisonous roe, it not only has the ability to defend itself, but also kill the animal once it has digested the eggs of the toad itself.

Frog Watch has been set up to fend off this alien invasion. If you are travelling through the region, be aware and report any sightings.