This trip is very much a "one off" – as very few will have had such a comprehensive trip of the Kimberley coastline with an itinerary that has been compiled from 16 years spent exploring the area. During the course of the 15 days you will also get to swim at some amazing locations and do some awesome fishing.

The aim of the trip will be to show you the diversity of the physical presence on Australia's northern coastline dating back thousands of years, as well some very special places that reflect the coasts natural beauty. Over the 15 days the aim is to take you to some sites that do not form part of the standard Kimberley Coast cruising experience – some are very seldom seen by anyone and others highly likely that they have never been seen.

For example, the Bradshaw & Wandjina paintings we will take you to are ones that very few people have seen – this site will just blow you away it is so impressive and very moving to be present at a site that has survived thousands of years and according to the academics reflects Australia's connection to the African continent. In contrast to that we will also take you to a cave of significant interest that has oriental (possibly Japanese) inscriptions. At this stage this site is relatively unknown – so you will be one of a very few to see this site. The contrast of Australia's past that is reflected in just these two sites alone is something that will stay with you forever.

The trip will run from Derby to Vansittart Bay and return to Derby via the outer Islands – which once again none of the other cruise boats cover this area despite it offering some spectacular natural wonders.

Enjoying the beach

The following is an indication of what we would incorporate over the 15 days - Tides & weather permitting:

  • Swims at Silica Beach, Crocodile Creek and numerous others as we travel around the coast
  • Wandjana Paintings at Doubtfull Bay
  • Bigge Island – skulls / rock circles (has to be seen to be appreciated) / paintings
  • Prince Regent River & King Cascade Falls – walk to the top waterfalls & swim
  • Mangrove Forrest – and amazing eco system great for bird watching, fishing and croc spotting
  • Careening Bay (King's Carved Mermaid Boab tree)
  • Main Bradshaw Art Gallery – will need 2 days at this site


  • Off shore bird sanctuary
  • Visit a beautiful group of offshore islands – bird watching, beautiful beaches, isolation and a lonely grave
  • Turtles at Bluff Beach
  • Montgomery Reef
  • Cave with oriental inscriptions and brilliant photography
  • Walk into an abandoned Mission
  • Hunter River & Donkin Pool
  • Plus the outer island adventures on the return leg.

For this particular trip we will only be taking a maximum of 8 passengers. The trip is designed for adventurous individuals that are looking for an authentic holiday experience who are reasonably fit so they get the most out of the opportunity to explore this amazing coast. The walks we do on this trip are mainly day walks of moderate difficulty.

Most nights you will sleep onboard Kimberley Xplorer, however tide permitting we can also camp onshore to break the trip up.

Our onboard chef Jodie will be back for a 3rd season so once again you will be on 2 hourly feeds. Joining us will be Phil (previous owner and skipper of luxury cruise boat K2O) who brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mud crabs

Mud crabbing with the ladies is a real hoot. The first question is always "what do I do if a crocodile grabs me". Skipper Greg's reply is to suggest you swim away from the rest of the group so the rest of us don't end up in the drink! The other question is "what do I do if a mud crab gets out of the bucket". No reply is needed as the ladies are quick to stand on the dingy seat if a mud crab escapes. All in all its great fun and we haven't lost anybody yet.

Exploring the reef systems from the dingys is remarkable. It's amazing to see the water recede and uncover all the wonders contained on these unique eco systems. With pockets of water left behind there is every chance you will see mangrove jack darting between the rocks. Witness large clam shells spurting water, baler shell (Melo amphora) foraging for food along with an abundance of other marine life including sand bubble crabs and trocus shells; the black tipped reef sharks swimming along the edges of the reef; the ospreys nest perched up on the rocks and eagles soaring on the thermals above, exploring the Kimberley's many reef systems is a naturalist's paradise. For the adventurous ones, go climbing with Skipper Greg for an over view from the top of one of the islands.

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