The 10 day Walcott Inlet / Sale River Adventure cruise departs from Derby and incorporates the sites and activities from the 5, 6 and 8 day Kimberley cruises.  From Doubtful Bay and the Sale River area, we head south to the Walcott Inlet entering a river system that runs 100 nm east. To get there you have to navigate the wild Yule Entrance. As we navigate our way into the passage, the large whirlpools swirl into a wild torrent of water which push and pull on the hull of the Kimberley Xplorer. During king tides (full or new moons) the whirlpools open up in 100metre circles with 3 metre deep funnels, so timing to negotiate the passage into the Yule Entrance is critical.

After negotiating the Yule Entrance a 2 hour cruise takes you down the brown muddy waters to the Isdell river. We anchor up Kimberley Xplorer in the Isdell River and transfer into the dingys to begin the scenic cruise to our camp site. Along the way you will see many Boab Trees, Livistonia Palms and other thickets of lush vegetation. The river narrows and forms a spectacular sheer rock gorge and we arrive at a tributary creek running into the main river where we go ashore at a large rock overhang where we set up camp for the evening at a beautiful shaded billabong where we can have a refreshing fresh water swim; explore the rock paintings with both the Wandjina and Bradshaw styles on display; and just enjoy the ambience of this tranquil setting.

The next morning for the adventurous one it's an invigorating 2 hour walk alongside the river course scrambling over and around rocks to the rock bar separating the salt water from the freshwater where you will be greeted by stunning fresh water pools, so it's in for a swim and a wander around this magical place; or you can drop a line in for a barramundi. We then head back to camp for another swim and an evening around the camp fire taking in the breath taking scenery and watching the tide race out. Within 2 hours all the water is gone and you are looking at an empty muddy creek bed.

In the morning we pack up camp and make our way back to Kimberley Xplorer, where we cruise out of the Walcott Inlet and through the swirling Yule Entrance to then start on the return leg of the cruise as detailed in the 5, 6 & 8 day cruise itinerary.

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