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1. Broome

Known as the Gateway to the Kimberley, Broome offers an idyllic place to start your Kimberley Adventure. Home to Western Australia’s best beach (as voted in 2004 and 2005), the iconic Cable Beachin Broome is 22 kilometres of pure white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters. Over the years Broome has become a melting pot of cultures that is reflected in the local music, art and festivals held here each year. These include the Shinju Matsuri Festival (the Festival of the Pearl).

2. Cape Leveque

Cape Leveque (or Kooljaman) is an award-winning Aboriginal owned wilderness camp and a welcome stop after 220kms of corrugated, unsealed road from Broome. Hire a boat, do a tour, have a swim or just relax with a cold drink as the sun goes down. Cape Leveque offers the perfect getaway. Give that road a miss and enjoy a scenic flight of the Dampier Peninsula from here on our Kimberley Fly, Fish, Cruise package.

3. Rowley Shoals

The 3 coral atolls of the Rowley Shoals, Mermaid, Imperieuse and Clerke, are located approximately 300kms from Broome. They are home to a rich and diverse array of oceanic coral reef flora and fauna typical of the Indo West Pacific region. The are famed for their almost untouched coral gardens and Giant Clams, Giant Potato Cod and Maori Wrassse.

4. Buccaneer Archipelago

The Buccaneer Archipelago is a collection of more than 800 islands stretching south east from Collier Bay to King Sound. The rugged islands are often known as the Iron Islands due to their rich Iron Ore colouring. Both Cockatoo and Koolan Islands have been mined for their mineral wealth. Enjoy this spectacular aerial vista on our Kimberley Discovery Expedition Fly Cruise package.

5. Croc Creek

You will be surprised to know Croc Creek is a beautiful spot to take a refreshing swim. A popular area with the pearl farm workers to come and relax, it is also renowned as the place where travellers leave a memento or Message in a Bottle for the next visitor.

6. Horizontal Waterfalls

Often referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Horizontal Waterfalls are a well known favourite of our guests. Cruise through Talbot Bay before reaching the passage to enjoy the thrill of a ride through the whirlpools to get your adrenalin pumping

7. Doubtful Bay

Doubtful Bay is a beautiful are explored on most of our cruises. From here explore Aboriginal Rock Art at Raft Point. Watch the sun rise over Steep Island or head into the creeks to test your skill against those famed Kimberley species.

8. Montgomery Reef

Named after Philip Parker King’s surgeon, Montgomery Reef is a breath taking example of the power of the Kimberley tides. The reef exposes itself on the outgoing tide to reveal a series of cascading waterfalls that attract migratory Wader birds, feeding Turtles, Manta Rays and maybe a Dugong. This is always a cruise favourite.

9. Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls were only recently discovered and named after the daughter of its founder. This picturesque location makes a great area for morning tea of freshly-baked muffins after a rejuvenating cool off under the waterfall.

10. Prince Regent Nature Reserve

The Prince Regent Nature Reserve is home to King Cascade, named after Philip Parker King himself. This incredible amphitheatre not only showcases this dramatic waterfall but is also home to some of the region’s biggest Saltwater Crocodiles.

11. Mermaid Boab Tree

Visit the Mermaid Boab Tree where King inscribed the name of his vessel. It is now testament to his pioneering travels, chartering the Kimberley Coast.

12. Prince Frederick Harbour

The Prince Frederick Harbour is home to some of the most spectacular scenery you will see in the Kimberley Region. The Hunter River meanders around this area to reveal a spectacular back drop of Mount Trafalgar. It is from here at Naturaliste Island that you will be flow in and out on your Kimberley Discovery Expedition.

13. Bigge Island

Bigge Island is the region’s second largest island after Augustus Island. Enjoy the secluded beaches and the mysterious Wandjana rock art gallery.

14. Mitchell Plateau

The Mitchell Plateau is an icon of the Kimberley region. See the Mitchell Falls during a fly over as part of our Kimberley Ultimate Cruise. Our Kimberley Discovery Expedition offers you the chance to fly over the Mitchell Falls as part of your transfer.

15. Vansittart Bay

Head out into Vansittart Bay, a playground for Queenies and GTs! While wetting a line, listen out for the roar of planes taking off from Truscott Air Base. You can also visit the World War 2 wreck of a DC3 airplane.

16. Bradshaw Art

Vansittart Bay is an exciting stop that gives you the unique opportunity to visit some well preserved Bradshaw Art.

17.Cape Bougainville

The mighty Drysdale Riverbeckons as we cruise over Cape Bougainville. Here we take advantage of some great fishing, catching Mangrove Jack or fighting the power of the Queenfish.

18. King George River

Waking up in Koolama Bay, you wake up in an area rich in Kimberley war time history. This is recounted as the K2O meanders down the King George River. The scenery is just breath taking, but nothing compares to coming around the final cliff face to be confronted by the towering Twin Falls. Enjoy these as your Captain expertly guides you up close underneath these refreshing natural showers.

19. Berkley River

Cruising through the glassy waters of the Berkley River leaves you awe-inspired by the beauty of its towering cliffs and Mount Casuarina in the distance. Disembarking from K2O you can explore this area in greater detail as we approach Casuarina Falls in the tenders. We get a snapshot before reaching land, and head bush to explore the area where freshwater meets saltwater.

20. Wyndham

Your Ultimate Adventure could begin or end in Wyndham. A small Kimberley town, Wyndham is home to the fantastic Crocodile Park, where you can even sample some of the region’s estuarine population. Another hidden gem is the views from the Bastion. From the 5 Rivers Lookout, witness the incredible vista of the meeting of the Durack, the Forrest, the Pentecost, the Ord and the King George rivers.

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