Duration of trips, departure & return dates are indicative only and can be changed to fit in with other holiday itinerary.

All our trips include a powered boat ride through the Horizontal Waterfalls. By comparison, to do the alternative of an overnight trip to the Horizontal Waterfalls will cost $850 per person.

*Early Bird Special expired 30 September 2019 for all 2020 Charters.


2020 Schedule

DatesNo. of daysToursPrice in $A GST incEarly Bird Special*Seats available
24th to 29th April6Horizontal Waterfall Thriller$5100.00n/aExclusive booking
4th to11th May8Sale River / Montgomery Reef Adventure$6600.00n/aFully booked
15th - 29th May15The Ultimate Kimberley Coast Adventure$14,850.00n/aFully Booked
3rd to 10th June8Sale River / Montgomery Reef Adventure$6600.00n/a8
16th to 27th June12Prince Regent / Sale River Adventure$9900.00n/a9
1st to 8th July8Sale River / Montgomery Reef Adventure$6600.00n/a8
13th to 24th July12Prince Regent / Sale River Adventure$9900.00n/a2
28th July to 4th August8Sale River / Montgomery Reef Adventure$6600.00n/aExclusive Booking
8th to 15th August8Sale River/ Montgomery Reef Adventure$6600.00n/a5
19th to 26 August8Sale River / Montgomery Reef Adventure$6600.00n/a8
30th Aug to 6th September8Sale River / Montgomery Reef Adventure$6600.00n/a8
10th to 17th September8Sale River / Montgomery Reef Adventure$6600.00n/a12
22nd to 27th September6Horizontal Waterfall Thriller$5100.0012
8th to 15th October8Remote Barra Fishing Expedition$6495.006
21st to 28th October8Remote Barra Fishing Expedition$6495.006
7th to 14th November8Remote Barra Fishing Expedition$6495.006
21st to 28th November8Remote Barra Fishing Expedition$6495.006

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                                                                           2021  Schedule

* Early Bird Special for 2021 Charters is available until 30 September 2020.

DatesNo of daysToursPrice in A$ GST incEarly Bird Special Price *Seats Available
4th to 11th May8Sale River/ Montgomery Reef Adventure$6790.00$6290.0012
15th May to 29th May15The Ultimate Kimberley Adventure$14,850.00$13,750.008
3rd June - 10th June8Sale River/ Montgomery Reef Adventure$6790.00$6290.0012
15th June - 22nd June8Sale River/ Montgomery Reef Adventure$6790.00$6290.0012
27th June - 8th July12Prince Regent / Sale River Explorer$9900.00$9200.0012
14th July - 21st July8Sale River/ Montgomery Reef Adventure$6790.00$6290.0010
26th July - 4th August10Walcott Inlet/ Sale River Adventure$8350.00$7650.0012
9th Aug - 20th Aug12Prince Regent / Sale River Explorer$9900.00$9200.0012
25th Aug - 1 Sept8Sale River/ Montgomery Reef Adventure$6790.00$6290.0012
7th Sept - 14 Sept8Sale River/ Montgomery Reef Adventure$6790.00$6290.0012
19 Sept - 24 Sept6Horizontal Water Thriller$5350.00$4990.006
11th Oct - 18th Oct8Remote Barra Fishing Expedition$6600.00$6300.006
26th to 2nd Nov8Remote Barra Fishing Expedition$6600.00$6300.006
9 Nov to 16 Nov8Remote Barra Fishing Expedition$6600.00$6300.006
24 Nov to 1 Dec8Remote Barra Fishing Expedition$6600.00$6300.006