This is a cruise for people who want some real adventure. For people who want to experience the Kimberley, not just see it through a cabin window. We are a different sort of Kimberley experience, and we offer you more time in more places.

Every Day Is One Full Day of Adventure
We leave Derby around 8am and within three hours are entering waters of the Buccaneer Archipelago. On the last day you get back in at approximately 3pm. These are days of full on adventure. Other cruises quote on the basis of nights and might depart from Broome at 4pm, and that is counted as your first day. They'll get you back into Broome at around 8am and that is then counted as your last day.  That is how a 10 night cruise might be more like 8 days. On a One Tide Charters cruise, a day means a day of adventure.

Better Access 
Our vessel has been purpose built to cruise the Kimberley coastline. We are able to access places along the coast line that trouble other tour boats. We'll get you right in there along the special places of the Kimberley coast, so you can have longer to enjoy yourself.


More Places To See
Most Kimberley cruises go from Broome to Wyndham or Broome to Darwin. In our twelve-day charter, we leave from Derby and you’ll see so much more of the Kimberley Coast. We camp on beaches so we can pack a lot more in to your trip.

Different Places To See
This is travel off the beaten track. Deserted beaches and hidden places. You'll see some remote locations like Hells Gate, Whirlpool Passage and Edeline Island .. check out our map and notice the names you don't know about (yet).

Seafood Paradise
Can you smell the fresh seafood sizzling on the BBQ? Must be about time for dinner! If you like the idea of catching and eating fish, crabs and oysters, ours is the tour for you. We know the places to take you where the fishing is fantastic. There is a feast to be had for all.


Better Sleep
Strangely enough, it can be pretty hard to sleep with a diesel engine sharing your bed! You'll sleep soundly with One Tide because we don't travel at night - so there's no engine noise. You'll enjoy peaceful evenings under an incredible night sky. And sleep.

Faster Cruising - More Time
Most Kimberley cruises travel at between 8 - 12 knots, and you can gaze at the coastline for hours on end. We can cruise up to 18 knots to give you more time to enjoy the places you visit. More time for you to relax, take photographs, fish, swim, explore ... and have adventures.

More Peace & Quiet
Our vessel is purpose built for this type of cruise. You won't have to put up with a noisy generator running all day and night. Our electrical supply runs mostly on solar power, and we only run the generator when it is needed for the desalinator or the air conditioner. We value the stillness and peace of the Kimberley, and we want to share with you.


Most cruises stick to a rigid schedule. We don't. We adjust our cruise according to the weather conditions, the tides and the type of activities that our passengers enjoy doing most. For this reason no two cruises are exactly the same.