Purpose Built
Kimberley Explorer has been designed exclusively for cruising the Kimberley coastline. With a full length keel and shallow draught, Kimberley Explorer is capable of sitting on the ground once the tide goes out, allowing passengers to explore reefs and creek systems at low water.

With a cruising speed of 20 knots and long range fuel tanks, time spent exploring the coastline is maximised, ensuring passengers get the most out of their time spent cruising the Kimberley coastline.

Essential comforts are well catered for with large air-conditioned galley, full walk around decks, large shaded flybridge and male & female showers and toilets (with hot and cold water). With 1000 litres of water storage and a desalinator, beach camping while cruising the Kimberley coast has just become a whole lot more appealing.

To ensure the sounds of silence are preserved, Kimberley Explorer is fitted with solar panels and deep cycle batteries providing the vessels electrical supply. A 240 volt inverter is also available for charging camera batteries and small appliances.

Ease of Transfer
Kimberley Explorer has two tender dinghies. when not in use, both dinghies are carried on board Kimberley Explorer in lieu of having to tow the dinghies, which then allows Kimberley Explorer to travel at the higher cruising speed and safely navigate the more treacherous waters around the Kimberley coastline.

Well Appointed Kitchen
Kimberley Explorer also has well appointed kitchen facilities including 4 fridge / freezers, gas stove with hot plates and griller, microwave oven and deck side BBQ. The catch of the day makes for superb cuisine. However, for those that prefer alternatives to fresh seafood, alternative cooked meals are provided. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on "Kimberley Explorer." For those early risers, there are always provisions to have that peaceful cup of tea or coffee as you watch the sun rise. Morning and afternoon tea is also provided.

Are you interested in an incredible and memorable Kimberley Coast Adventure?