The Derby West Kimberley area contains some of Western Australia's most spectacular coastal destinations including the world famous Horizontal Waterfalls. With its extensive creek systems, mangroves, rivers and ocean beaches the West Kimberley offers a multitude of shore and boat fishing opportunities for a variety of marine and freshwater species including barramundi, mangrove jack, and salmon.

The offshore islands, coral reef systems and continental shelf waters of the Buccaneer Archipelago provide species of major recreational interest, including many members of the demersal sea perch family, such as scarlet sea perch and red emperor, cods, coral and coronation trout, trevally, tuskfish, tuna, mackerels and billfish.

Whilst our standard eco adventure tours offer ample opportunity to do some great fishing, One Tide Charters is also able to offer exclusive Kimberley fishing charters during the tourist season from May through until September.

From October to December we offer a number of 8 day "Barra in the Wild" Fishing charters. With maximum of 8 punter; 3 tinnies; guides to put you on the spots; These charters are designed for the sports fishing enthusiast.

As David Green, Field Editor for Fishing World Magazine said in the April 2012 edition. "This trip was one of the best barra trips I've been on. The environment, challenge, variety of fishing; and comaradie of the group were hard to beat."

Read David's article Kimberley Big Tide Barras.

To protect fish stock for the next generation of Kimberley coast adventures, all fishing is on a catch and release basis, although you can eat as much as you want while on the charter.

One Tide Charters has quality fishing rods for the various type of fishing styles (bottom trawling, flick etc) and all fishing tackle and bait is supplied.

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