258 kilometres eastward from Derby we arrive at Fitzroy Crossing. Nowadays this town is made up of Aboriginal settlements that straddle the Fitzroy River when, in bygone days, it was the best point to cross the mighty Fitzroy River.

This river is a spectacular sight at any time but especially when it is in flood in the Wet Season. In the past, it was known to leave travellers stranded for days if they left it too late to get across.

The Fitzroy River was named by Capt. Stokes in 1838 after the explorer Capt Robert Fitzroy who commanded HMAS Beagle. Presently, the locals know the river and its tributaries not only as the home to many Saltwater (Estuarine) Crocodiles but also a hub for Barramundi fishing. It is also a great spot to find a feed of Cherubin.

Even though there are not a huge amount of tourist attractions in the settlement, the surrounding areas are home to some of the regions most spectacular gorges, making it a great location from where you can explore the area.

18 kilometres North East of Fitzroy Crossing is Geike Gorge National Park. It is approximately 3136 ha of ancient reef where you can enjoy walks and take an interpretative boat tour along the river. Listen to the local Indigenous people tell you the origins of their land and their dreamtime stories.

63 kilometres and 95 kilometres from Fitzroy Crossing respectively, you will arrive at Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge. All three of these icons are living examples of the ancient reef from the Devonian Period approx 350 million years ago.

Tunnel Creek offers visitors an exciting walk through the tunnel with just a torch for guidance. Windjana is home to Freshwater crocs that seem more than content basking in the sun while you pose for a photo.

All these geological marvels are a must on any Kimberley itinerary. Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge can also be accessed from the Gibb River Rd.

Now we’ve got our Barra, let’s hit the road. next stop Halls Creek…