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The Kimberley – a bird watching paradise

Twitch twitch, twitch twitch….. Cruising along the Kimberley coast you cannot help but sit back and take notice of nature; the rustle of the trees, the lapping of the waves and the song of the many birds that call the Kimberley home. Pure serenity… For some, bird watching is a serious quest to sight that […]

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Write your own Kimberley Cruise blog!!

Small boat cruising is proving to be a popular must-do for many visitors to Broome and the Kimberley. For small boat operators in this very competitive and dynamic market, passenger feedback and comments are very important. It is a pleasure to receive disks and emails with photos, so we can keep the website fresh.

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Cane Toads – the Alien Invasion

The Kimberley is undoubtedly an unique, pristine wilderness which we are striving to protect not only from industrialization (Save the Kimberley) but also the invasion of the greatest threat to our eco-system, the Cane Toad (Bufo Marinus). Introduced to Qld from Venezuela in 1935, the Cane Toad has few known predators and is wiping out […]

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Cruise News

Well, the season is drawing to a close and the crew are looking southward to escape the heat after a jam-packed, fun-filled year in the Kimberley. Why not start your new year with an Ultimate 14 day Adventure and experience this magnificent coastline in all its glory: cascading waterfalls, adrenalin-pumping fishing and then relaxing on […]

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