Gold, Gorges & Great big holes!

Wolfe Creek Crater

Halls Creek is 288 kilometres east of Fitzroy Crossing. Whilst the town has a small population and initial impressions would suggest that there are few attractions within the town, look a little further as Halls Creek is an explorers haven. Not only are there some breath taking attractions in the vast landscape that surrounds e.g.…

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Head East – Go Wild in Kununurra

Emma Gorge

Kununurra is the largest town in the East Kimberley. As you arrive into the town whether it be by plane or road you cannot help but be struck by its vast beauty – waterways, lush vegetation all with a real outback feel. Meaning ‘meeting of big waters’ you will find Kununurra located on the banks of…

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Bridge over the Fitzroy River

258 kilometres eastward from Derby we arrive at Fitzroy Crossing. Nowadays this town is made up of aboriginal settlements that straddle the Fitztroy River when in bygone days it was the best point to cross the mighty Fitzroy River. This river is a spectacular sight at any time but especially when it is in flood…

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Broome – The Beach, The Pearls, The Moon – a tourism Mecca

Travelling to the Kimberley for a holiday can be an experience of a lifetime. Here you will find a melting pot of cultures, a rich history and breath-taking landscape and that is just the first day!! In addition to the magnificent coastal wilderness, it is worth experiencing the diversity of each town that makes up…

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Broome in March

Greetings from K2O HQ!! Liz here and I thought I would say “Hello” and that I trust you are enjoying our new wesbite. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. We are having an exciting Wet Season with Cyclone Nicholas and Orphelia having passed us by and left nothing but lush green gardens here…

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